The Ape - the eye-catcher at every opportunity

Promotion on three wheels

Who would not like that much cited "wasp waist"? A busy bee, even if it is a bit thicker, just to move more. Therefore, the company Piaggio also offers both. With the Vespa (wasp) a snappy two-wheeled speedster who heard almost the cityscape, and the Ape (which is then the bee) that it can carry all the more with its slightly wider bottom and three wheels. The Ape is actually a Vespa with cabin around it.

With its small turning circle, the Ape copes easily narrow passageways or narrow paths. However, not to be underestimated in urban areas of high likeability of idiosyncratic Italian tricycle and barely beating attention value of the vehicles.
Thus, the Ape is as eye-catchers especially - even packed - as advertising, as advertising pillar or selling vehicle, such as our Cafe Ape a striking highlight.

In short, the appearance of an Ape conveys a Mediterranean atmosphere which is always awarded with a cozy atmosphere.

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