Mobile stall for coffee and espresso

Many people can not give up your coffee on the go. Offer them the opportunity and place your mobile booth on busy streets or in front of the stops of public transport. With a mobile stall in the special coffee design you immediately win people's attention. We have already produced numerous individual "Coffee Mobile" for companies. The company sells coffee for you espresso, cappuccino and cafe latte with its held in elegant black Ape. Also cafe + co offers its customers coffee to go from the Piaggio Ape. Also Segafredo brings its customers from where they need your espresso.

They are where the coffee drinkers!

The company Mocapé is a particular eye-catcher with its mint green vehicles and operate a new generation of coffee drinkers with Fair Trade coffee in every stage of your life - while shopping, at the university, at the crossroads. This is made possible by our specially designed mobile stalls. Let the coffee drinkers do not you find, but you can find the coffee drinkers!

Coffee and espresso in custom mobile stalls!

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