Street food from the mobile BBQ Stand

The perfect way to provide visitors with an event grilled specialties, is the Ape, converted into a grill cart. They can be equipped with griddle, dispensing equipment, sausage boilers, sinks and much more. Even if the crowd is large and the space closely - the Ape finds even in the smallest angle their place and will attract visitors magically. Whether sausage, meatballs, barbecue skewers, a hearty steak or even grilled vegetables - you can offer food for every taste.

Many convenient features, creative exterior design

The exterior design you and your creativity knows no bounds. Our designers are professionals and modify any Ape as desired. Need more information about us? Or may we inspire you? Contact our expert Heinz Müller and entertain you with you soon your guests with your new custom Ape. The interior is of course high quality and complies with all health official regulations.

Street food in charming Piaggio Ape look - the individual barbecue stand Lagermax and Swixievents!

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