Mobile booth for crepes

A small sweet snack on the way to work or on the way home? With our mobile stalls there is no problem to give customers what they just feel like. Heinz Müller advises you competently and in detail, what options you have for your mobile stall. In a booth for crêpes bring, for example, problems with everything you need to prepare these delicacies. Place located on a busy street corner and offer passers fresh crepes with sugar, chocolate, honey or other fillings and sauces on.

The eyecatcher for more attention for your Business

If you're driving your Ape, then you certainly positive attention. The Piaggio Ape conveys Mediterranean flair and brings you right away sympathy values. Treat yourself to a few minutes harried passers holiday feeling with home-made crepes and coffee.

Sell ​​your crepes from a mobile stall Charming, the Piaggio Ape!

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