Mobile booth for Panini

Panini - a typical Italian snack. What can it therefore be better than to enjoy this traditional snack from Italy on a mobile booth that awakens at first glance associations with Italy and the sunny south. A Piaggio Ape as a mobile booth for Panini is perhaps the most charming way, street food for sale. Transport southern atmosphere and offer your customers typical Italian Panini. Occupied in the traditional way with cheese, sausage, ham and salad, or as a creative variation - Panini are always a popular snack for in between.

Spread Mediterranean atmosphere

Sell ​​panini to go and spread Italian atmosphere!

Our flexible team is looking forward to also make your individual vehicle. We are happy to make suggestions or provide you with ideas to make your personal vehicle yet effective advertising. Mediterranean atmosphere coupled with friendly service is the recipe for the success of your mobile sales booth.