Ape Gelatini Electrical

The cleanest way to enjoy his ice cream!

Our Ape Gelatini not only draws attention to itself, they amazed by their silent presence, no hum, no stink, quietly humming the little bee emission-free through our cities. The bee is driven by an electric motor which is supplied with current from lithium-ion batteries. After manufacturer information charging the batteries within approximately 4 hours via a 220-volt connection should be made.

Minimum external dimensions combined with optimum agility

The Ape Gelatini characterized by the highest energy efficiency of, designed and tested for climate class 4+. An amazing range of about 50 km and 8 hours permanent cooling mode by independent power supply guarantees customer satisfaction.


Perfect ecological balance - fueled at the socket.

Technology Vehicle:

Ape Classic Motor: AC electric motor

Power: Normal power 4 KW

Battery: Choice of Lithium Iinonen or high power batteries 48V

Maximum speed: 60 km / h Range 60 - 70 km

Seats: 2

Ice cream cabinet:

  • Ice cream display with curved windshield tempered safety glass including baffle plate

  • Operator side with hinged plexiglass cover

  • Automatic Heißgasabtaung

  • 60mm strong energy-saving insulation Lt capacity for 10 + 10 shells a`4,75

  • Cooling temperature 16 ° to -18 ° C at 35 ° UT and 70% RH

  • Designed and tested for climatic class 4 *

  • Portioning flushing in stainless steel with portioning shower, water drainage, fresh water and waste water tanks

  • Heater noisy food regulation

  • GPS - Remote Support

Rear building-panels:

  • Painted polyester lining encircling the showcase and the entire substructure
  • Electrical Hubdachaufbau with insulation, which ensures a hermetic seal and additional insulation of the ice bank during driving.