The history of the Ape

he three-wheeled transport series Ape (bee) came one year after its "sister" the Vespa (wasp), on the market.

The archetype of the Ape in 1947 is actually a Vespa with loading area and a payload of 200 kilograms.

The Ape A has a Vespa engine with 125 cc, which is located under the seat. But it has a power circuit in contrast to the Vespa.

The Ape B came on the market in 1953. This model was built until 1956 with small changes.

1956, the Ape C on the market, the first Ape model with cabin. The Pentaro 1960 is a modified version of the Ape C, but has a higher carrying capacity.

In 1969, the Ape was presented 50th She was the first Ape, which falls into the category of mopeds. It was built for easy transport, can transport 200 kilograms and is equipped with a cabin.

In 1972 the Ape Car was presented. It was with a fairly comfortable cabin, a 216-cc engine and 550 kg payload.

In 1982 Piaggio a completely new vehicle with a 220-cc engine and a load capacity of 700 kg, the Ape TM.

In 1984, an Ape with a 1-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine on the market, the Ape Car Diesel. Also it has a payload of 700 kilograms and is still offered slightly modified until today.

In 2006, Piaggio Ape before the special model "Classic". The drive is a water-cooled Lombardini diesel engine with 422 cc displacement.

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