The Piaggio Ape 50 as a mobile booth

The Ape 50 has a standard internal combustion engine or an individual electric drive. Remote maintenance for the electric motor is available as standard. The vehicle can also be operated using gas cylinder and is thus independent of the power supply. The Ape has 3PS and has a top speed of just under 40km / h. The vehicle is small and agile and can carry a payload of around 200kg. The models are also equipped with GPS.

Extremely manoeuvrable, ever-changing character

The small car is ideal for tight spaces and alleyways. The small turning radius you get away with it almost anywhere. Examples of converted Ape 50 models with us are the ice-Ape and the Cookie Cutter-Ape. Despite their relatively small size provides the Ape 50 enough space to store your goods and to present them also appealing. Contact us and tell us what ideas you have for your mobile sales stand, we are happy to inform you about the details and provide you with a detailed offer.

The Piaggio Ape 50 as your new workhorse in sales!

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