With a mobile stall expand your audience

Our converted Ape are perfect as mobile stalls and Webeträger. The design of your Ape is performed by Lagermax individually according to customer requirements. Through our extensive experience in custom-made vehicles, you get a unique piece that is already outside a perfect advertising medium for your products or services.

Display products with brand recognition

Your mobile advertising of Lagermax make you and your products unique!

The Piaggio Ape is not only small and agile, but also has the smallest space yet Place. Do not wait on customers, but go wherever your customers are! We have already designed a number of different mobile stalls, all of which are tailored for each client. In addition to a variety of mobile stalls for food and drinks, we have produced for our customers mobile promotion stands. Our expert Heinz Müller gladly provides ideas and advises you competently!