Ape Classic - large payload and strong performance

The Ape Classic has an air-cooled 435 cc diesel engine and a top speed of 56 km / h. The payload is 700 kg. It is delivered with a handlebar control. The model features a hydraulic dual-circuit brake with two seats. However, In addition to this basic configuration, the model can be designed at will. We are building the Ape Classic to suit your needs and wishes.

From ice on hot dogs to coffee - the Ape Classic as a mobile booth

We have the Ape Classic already rebuilt and redesigned for a variety of purposes. The Ape Gelatini is a mobile kiosk for ice cream, with hot dog sausages Ape go like hotcakes and Mocapé distributes with its Ape Classic on the street fair-trade coffee. All models are uniquely designed and so convey your corporate identity. The advertising value of a mobile booth is thus practically priceless.

Invest in an Ape Classic for selling your products!

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