Ape Calessino

We make Piaggio Apes not just so you can bring your goods or services to the people. There are also numerous other possibilities for customization redesigned Apes. The Hotel Sun Resort in St. Gilgen in Salzburg is the proud owner of Ape Calessino. This has been specially designed to be chauffeured wedding couples, or to bring the bride to your wedding. Is there a more charming way to begin his life as a couple?

In addition to the bride of the second eye-catcher on your wedding

The bride and groom at a wedding is of course at the center. However, when the made-up specifically for weddings Piaggio Ape pulls up, so her true now also a part of the attention of the guests. The model has a back Ape Calessino folding roof and can thus be used on sunny days as "convertible". Flower Arrangement between the headlights completes the romantic picture.

Drive in your new happiness together - with the Piaggio Ape specifically for weddings!

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